Today is Your Lucky Day!

Premier audit à prix coûtant

Get an Audit @Cost!

To launch the collaboration between Dr. Sviatlana Viarbitskya and Chris Mann, we are offering our first audit at cost! Take advantage of it!

Replace Wordpress with Wagtail


Wagtail has many advantages over Wordpress:

  • It is simpler
  • It is more elegant
  • It uses less resources
  • It is a good foundation for web application development

Have Great Physital Meetings !

Camera on table with microphone

Some don't like the Zoom anymore, others have to be part of the meetings. What to do?

Demarchic offers you technologies, processes and methods to make sure that

if two people are pampering each other in a room, it bothers the people at a distance and the people in the room!

So the environment is open. Those in the meeting also count those in digital and physical.

Surf Time Accounting

TIme-accounting descriptive diagram

As time goes on, we have more information available, but are we using it? Or is there a shortfall?

Demarchic time accounting allows you to keep your IT roadmaps with all the information available. We make the clearing between the profit centers (projects) and the cost centers (teams). This way

you can measure the impact of a task in a project on another project by capacity effects.

Thus your dates are calculated from real exogenous data and updated by intervals.

Master Your Configurations


Configuration management -- from the password to the method to the system -- allows you to move forward with consolidated assurance. Demarchic audit and organizes your configurations, rationalizing and securing access.